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Welcome to Barcode Island, a comprehensive new website written specifically for barcode developers.

We began preparing Barcode Island when we had a need for technical information on a variety of barcode symbologies and found that the information was not available in a single, centralized site on the Internet. In fact, we weren't able to find complete information on any symbology from a single website. Only by visiting a half dozen websites were we able to obtain the information needed. We came to the conclusion that a site with technical information about as many symbologies as possible would be a valuable tool for many developers. Barcode Island is the result of that conclusion.

Here at Barcode Island you'll find first-hand information about symbologies and barcodes in general. Unlike other sites that have copied their content from other websites or directly from a book written in the early 90's, all our information was authored first hand exclusively for this site.

Barcode Island is offered as a free informational service to developers around the world. We are eager to receive your comments, suggestions, and feedback on the site. Please write to us with any such comments.

We are also very interested in receiving any material that you would like to contribute to Barcode Island - sections of code for the upcoming code library, product reviews related to barcodes, or anything related to barcode technology.

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