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Barcode Island is provided to the public free of charge, and subject to the following limitations of liability and liscening agreement:

  1. Terms. Throughout this agreement, the following terms shall be used:

    1. Site: "Site" shall refer to the Barcode Island website, specifically anything contained in the Internet domain

    2. User: "User" shall refer to the individual person or organization that makes use of site by browsing or gathering information from same.

  2. Limitation of liability. All information on site is provided "as-is" with no warranty or guarantee of use for any purpose. User's visit to site automatically indemnifies Barcode Island and its partners from any and all demands, claims, lawsuits, or other legal action that may arise from the use or misuse of information found on site.

  3. Limitation of damanges to price payed. Barcode Island provides content free-of-charge to all users who visit the site. As a result, Barcode Island limits its financial liability to the amount paid for use of same: US$0.00.

  4. Site information is copyright. All information contained on site is Copyright 2006 by Barcode Island and may not be duplicated, copied, transmitted, modified or form the basis of a derivative work without prior written permission from Barcode Island, with the following exceptions:
    1. User may print or store material found on site for his or her individual use, be it personal or commercial. Such storage may not occur on a drive or directory that is accessible by others, nor may it be placed on the Internet.
    2. Information contained on site may be transmitted to third parties as long as the information is sent in its entirety and without modification. In all cases, it should be made clear that the source of the information is Barcode Island.
    3. University professors and other educational facilities may print copies of the material contained on site for distribution within the same educational institution only, as long as all copyright and credits referring to Barcode Island.

  5. External websites. Barcode Island is not responsible for external websites, and links to websites not operated by Barcode Island are neither guaranteed nor sanctioned by Barcode Island, rather they are made available for the benefit of the user. Information contained on external websites is the property and/or responsibility of the entity that makes such information available.

  6. Site unavailability. Barcode Island makes absolutely no guarantee as to the continued availability of the site. Site may become unavailable at any time for any reason, including but not limited to network failure, server failure, power failure, maintenance, upgrades, or security measures. Further, Barcode Island may choose to discontinue the site at any time and for any other reason, and Barcode Island will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may be suffered due to the fact that site is unavailable.

  7. Advertisers not sancioned by Barcode Island. Any banner advertising that may be found on site exist because the advertiser payed a promotional fee to Barcode Island. Barcode Island does not necessarily endorse or sanction these sites.

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