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BARCODE ISLAND Respects All Users' Privacy


BARCODE Island collects absolutelty no personal information. Our site does not attempt to discover nor record your name, email address, phone number, city, or any other specific personal information, nor does contain submission forms that request or obtain the email address of the visitor. NOTE: Please see the section concerning Identity on Message Board, as limited identity information is saved when a message is posted.

NO EMAILING LISTS maintains no mailing lists of any kind. Due to the fact that our site does not attempt to discover your email address nor your identity, it is impossible for us to create such a mailing list, and subsequently cannot pass your email address to any third party--even we do not know your identity.

STATISTICAL INFORMATION COLLECTED does maintain a log file for a period of 30 days which contains the IP address, date/time, referal site, and browser type of every HTTP request. This information is used only to obtain statistical information to determine from what countries (and thus what native languages) our visitors are coming from and what type of browsers they are using to improve the quality of our site. This log file is purged at the end of every month, and the specific information contained therein is not released to any third party, unless so ordered by a legitimate government agency. The summary reports based on the log file are kept for reference, and may be provided to our sponsors (banner advertisers). However, these summary reports contain absolutely no personal information--they only contain statistical summaries, such as a summary of hits by country, date, time, page visited, and referal site. Under no circumstance does this summary report contain any personal information about our visitors.


When a user chooses to post a message to the public message board, the system will prompt the user for his/her email address and full name. The visitor is encouraged to provide this information accurately to facilitate a professional exchange of ideas, but is not required to do so. However, if the visitor chooses to provide this information, it is made available to everyone who reads the message. Additionally, the IP address from which the post was written is always saved with the message--this is not optional and the IP address is made available to everyone who reads the message. does not maintain any mailing list of any kind based on the information contained in messages posted to the message board--However, cannot guarantee that a third party will not obtain your email address from your posts.

SUMMARY OF BARCODEISLANDE.COM PRIVACY POLICY respects the privacy of its visitors and makes no effort to collect personal information, nor to relay it to third parties. Personal information is only made available to third parties (the entire world) when a visitor chooses to post a public message to the message board. will do everything it can to protect the privacy of its visitors, and will only surrender log information to a legitimate government agency upon request.

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