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CONTINUOUS: A contiunoius symbology is one in which the widths of all spaces and bars are significant--there are no inter-character spaces as is the case with discrete symbologies. A character in a continous symbology starts with a bar and ends with a space. Such symbologies employ special "termination characters" or start/stop codes that provide, at the very least, a final bar in the symbol such that the trailing space in the last character can be discerned.

DISCRETE: A discrete symbology is one in which each character encoded in the symbol is "stand-alone"--that is to say, it can stand by itself without necessarily having to be part of a larger barcode. Such symbologies are coded such that all characters begin and and end with a bar. Individual characters are separated by inter-character spacing that carry no information and serve no purpose other than to separate characters.

SELF-CHECKING: A barcode symbology is considered to be self-checking if a single defect in the barcode (printing or scanning) will not cause a character to be misinterpreted as another valid character.

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